The short story. As in the really short story. A couple sentences story. “Was that actually a story” story? I’ve seen more examples of them lately most likely due to the fact that they are short and easy to read and the Internet (naturally). Are they worthwhile as their own category/genre of literature? Are they a cop-out or merely a brainstorming exercise for longer stories?

Here is a link to some two lined horror stories. I am not a fan of Halloween, but I love good horror. (GOOD) horror.
Number 8 is my favorite.

I challenge you to write a few two lined stories. Convey your message with a few words. It will be harder than you think to do it effectively.

Let’s stick with the horror theme- “Wake up, wake up Dolly!” The young girl traced the crack on Dolly’s porcelain skull as it whimpered.

I couldn’t think of anything but dolls. Dolls can be seriously creepy.

Here is an old school example of this practice using only 6 words! I read this story in one of my English textbooks and it stuck with me.This is another great characteristic of these types of stories- they can leave a lasting impression in a matter of seconds.

Uh oh, I discovered polls. I like polls-since I ask so many questions.



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